Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mega Car Boot Sale Sunday 28th July

The weather was looking perfect as the cars started to arrive bright and early!  8.30 start in the world of car booting actually means 7.45, but helpers were on hand to let them into the main park. The buyers were not too far behind!

Around 50 cars came with a large array of goodies to purchase.  From your household having a good clear out to the professional car booters with wonderful displays laid out beautifully.

Thanks to everyone who attended and all the helpers on the day we raised another £514.80 towards the playground appeal. 

A few snaps taken by your friendly blogger.

Sarah worked hard selling her home made bracelets and
putting tattoos on excited little car boot visitors

50 Cars!
Photo taken standing on top of one of the bins!

The main ladies Hazel and Sarah. 

Hazel was told each dinky donut was 33 calories 
......and felt the need to run them off!


Barmy helpers!

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