Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fundraising takes to the skies ...

Friends of Saumarez Park Playground Committee Member - Sarah Winsall, will take to the skies this weekend to help raisie funds for the new children's playground. Here's what Sarah said:

"When asked in the school carpark some 4 months ago if I fancied doing a tandem skydive over L'Eree from 10,000ft, my first response was 'No, not really'!  An hour or two later I had changed my mind, filled in the form with the aim of raising money for Saumarez Park Playground and the children's wards at Southampton Hospital.  I then sent in the forms, filled in the medical questionnaire (required for being just slightly the wrong side of 40) and proceeded to forget about it. 

Now, with less than 4 days to go, I am starting to think quite a lot about my impending rapid descent.  I've been met with responses varying from 'You are nuts' to 'Wow, you'll love it'.  All I know is that I shall be jumping for two fantastic causes and hoping that I can raise as much money as possible.  What makes things all the more scary is the fact that the jump will be filmed for TV!  More on that later!

So, if you are free on Saturday (weather permitting), exact time TBA, why not join us at L'Eree.  Not only will you be supporting me but the other fools leaping from a perfectly intact and fully operational aircraft. 

If you aren't able to sponsor me directly (, then why not make a donation to the Playground - all our kids are worth it.
Wish me luck!
Sarah x"

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